Your Help Needed: We Need Your Profile

For many years, when you attend a MAREI meeting as a guest or when you join, all we ask is your Name and Contact information.

But as we grow as an association and we reach out to more vendors, more service providers, local City Councils and State Legislators, we get asked who is your member.

We can tell them right now that we have about 500 members, beyond that we are guessing what it is that you do.

We are also working with National REIA to create a positive image campaign, and again we need to know more about you.

Things like:

  • how long have you been in business,
  • do you flip or hold or something else,
  • how many units do you own or flip in a year,
  • what do you provide to your customers
  • how do you help the community
  • and how does MAREI help you.

We are asking for your help.  We have a short questionaire that should take about 5 to 10 minutes to go through, but will be invaluable in helping us tell the community who our members are.

We have two ways to fill this out:

  1. Online
  2. Download MAREI Member Profile Master  (you might have to click on a 2nd page)

What’s In it for Me?

Some of you may wonder what you get out of filling out this member profile survey.

The biggest benefit you will receive is the advocacy MAREI and National REIA does on behalf of the industry using your data.

If you will allow us to feature your profile, you may also receive public recognition by having your profile in our newsletter, on our blog and possibly on the national stage.  This will help local investors build credibility, find private money, find more deals and find buyers.  Yes, but filling out a simple profile questionairre and allowing us to feature your profile, you can get more business.