Your Actions Worked – Healthy Homes Not on the November Ballot

We did it!
Many thanks to Michelle Winberry for updating us today.

Because of your emails, calls, and attendance at the Kansas City City Council hearings last week and this week – because of the meeting between Brian Winberry (LAEJC President), Michelle Winberry (WinVestors & Missouri POA), Robert Long and Chuck Schmitz (Landlords Inc.) Kim & Don Tucker from (MAREI Y Missouri POA) and other property investors, and some City Council members last Friday – and because of objections from more than one City Council member, the Housing Committee voted earlier this afternoon, 4 to 1, to hold the ordinance that proposed interior inspections of rental properties.

The proposed ordinance will not go to the full City Council for a vote tomorrow, and it will not appear on the November 2017 general election ballot in KCMO.

HOWEVER – the City Council will keep trying!  The next general election when the proposed ordinance may appear on the ballot is in April, 2018.  So we need to stay vigilant and come to the table with solutions that negate the need for inspections.
So, we need your ideas!  The City Council has shown some willingness to talk to and work with property owners on what rental property regulation in Kansas City should look like.  This is your chance to provide your input and ideas to Kansas City and other cities in Missouri.  MAREI will collect your ideas and suggestions and share them with the Missouri Property Owners’ Association and other investor groups.  From that, MPOA will develop suggestions and talking points for discussions with the City Councils in Kansas City and other cities in Missouri, and with the Missouri Legislature.

How to share your ideas:

1.  Via email to our Facebook Group  ([email protected])

2.  In person at a MAREI meeting, such as the one on September 12th

3.  Via letter to MAREI, 6709 W 119th, #332, Overland Park, KS 66209

4.  Or take part in our discussion on Facebook:

It will be helpful if you can get your ideas to us by the end of August – the sooner, the better!

MPOA is still proceeding with introducing a bill in the Missouri Legislature in 2018 to ban illegal interior inspections throughout the state.  Even if cities in Missouri can’t have interior inspections, they may try to implement other regulations on rental properties – that’s why providing your ideas is important.

Some additional notes on today’s hearing:

Some KCMO city departments are aware of and scared of the proposals in the Missouri Legislature.  There was an opinion expressed at the hearing last week of “we must pass this now before the state bans it”, but this week Councilman Fowler noted that if Kansas City passes it now, and the Missouri Legislature bans inspections, the City might find themselves in legal trouble with the state early next year.

Councilwoman Canady continued to state her concerns with the plan.  She said she was concerned with 1) how the proposal would be implemented; 2) the Constitutional issues; and 3) the effect on the housing market in Kansas City. 
Councilwoman Loar was concerned about growing the bureaucracy, and the ability of the Health Department to handle the number of inspections that would potentially be required. 
Only Mayor Pro-Tem Wagner was strongly in favor of the proposal.

Again – your calls and emails worked!  The City Council heard from a lot of property investors, and it definitely affected their vote today.

Keep this in mind the next time we ask you to call or email an official.  We can all stick our heads in the sand and wait for somebody to do something.  Or we can step up and remember that we are somebody.