You Were Born to Win – your Path to Success with Zig Ziglar

Do you want more out of life, but you just don’t know how to get it?

So you went to a real estate investing seminar and decided to take the leap into real estate, and ended up here at MAREI.  Now what.

Well we will tell you to network, educate yourself, set goals and take action.

A good place to start your education would be with this book from way back in 2012 from Zig Ziglar:  Find Your Success Code – Born to Win.  Written by Zig and his son Tom Ziglar.

It breaks down a total life approach to setting and achieving your goals.

So what are some options for getting this book or access to information in the book?

  1.  Google Play has it available for sale for just $7.55
  2. If you are a Realtor and Member of NAR, you can download the audio Version and the Overdrive App and listen to it on your smart device.
  3. You can go to and listen to it on your computer.

We also found a few other sites that had the basic meat of the book in the Wheel of Life and the Seven Steps to goal setting, however not sure if these sites have any relationship to Zig Ziglar, or they are just using his information to sell things.