Will MAREI Send Out an Email Blast Promoting My Business

We have this question from time to time.  How do I market my business at MAREI?

Some people want us to send out an email blast on their behalf, which while we could take your money, really is not going to do you any good.  Why?  Because one email blast does not win clients and we are not going to bombard the members with repeated email blasts about your business.

Other people want to come into MAREI and be the speaker and tell everyone about how good their business is and to come use their business.  Which is not really why members come to the meetings.  They come to learn about your business through the networking and learn more about real estate investing from the speaker.  So while we would love to have you come share your company through networking, we really don’t want to put you on stage to talk about just your business, we would not have 100% people at the meetings on a regular basis if all we did was have 90 minute commercials.

We even have a few that want to come in and have 1 vendor table with out ever coming to another meeting.  Again, a total waste of time as people do business with companies and people they know like and trust and having a vendor table at one MAREI meeting is not going to do you much good.

So what is the best way to promote my business at MAREI?

1.  Become a member.

2.  Come to the meetings.

3.  Network and connect at every meeting.

4.  Network and connect through our social media.

It works.  However you can speed up the process a bit with a few other steps.

The first thing I recommend to anyone who has a product or service to promote to MAREI members is to become a Business Member.  This is $499 a year or $135 a Quarter.  For this you get a listing on our Business Directory Page at MAREI.org, You get your logo in our weekly e-update that goes out via email and your logo links to your website.  You get 3 free vendor tables to use through out the year and you can purchase more as needed.

So now you are coming to every MAREI meeting, you are talking to people and you are handing  out your business cards.  When those cards get lost, people can go to the MAREI website to get your info.  Others call us or email us and ask us for referrals, we always send them to the Directory Page on MAREI.org for vendors.  When people are ready to use a service like yours, because they know you and like you and you are there every month, they call you up and use you.

We also recommend for our business associates to teach and share their knowledge on real estate investing.  So a property manager could share articles or discussions about screening tenants, marketing for tenants, filling vacant properties fast.  A contractor could share information on how to fix this or that or how to spot a bad furnace or ac.  You get the idea, share your knowledge via blog, video, etc and share it through the MAREI social media pages.  On the various MAREI social media pages, just share your knowledge by answering others questions can be very helpful too.

Now as you are connecting with people at MAREI or through social media – drive all contacts back to your website with an enticing offer of a free book or report on what ever it is your are expert at – they go to your site, the give you their email address and you send them your free report.  And on a regular basis you send them an email newsletter updating them on the latest and greatest info in the industry.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to grow your business at MAREI, using the tools that we already have in place for you to use.