Why didn’t I get any Home Depot Rebates in the Past Year?

Member Benefit:  Home Depot Rebates



I have not received a Home Depot Rebate in over a year.  I got one or two when the first year I signed up, but nothing since then?


We received this question today and a couple of times over the past few years.  There were so many reasons why people do not get any rebates that we wanted to reach out to everyone to make sure they don’t have any of the same problems.

Problem 1:  Membership has expired.

When we first started, we didn’t really have a good way for Home Depot to verify your membership with the local groups, so once you signed up, you were in their system until, well now when they can cross reference their list with our membership lists every few months.

Solution:  Make sure your membership is current and up  to date.  You can go to www.MAREImember.com to log in and check Account history and make sure you are current.  Your name tag with you attend the meeting will also say Member or Non-Member.  If it says Non-Member either your membership has expired or you have not yet joined.  Some of you were getting your rebates through KCIG or Landlords of Eastern Jackson County – both have dropped their membership with National REIA, so they no longer offer the rebate.

Problem 2:  Tender’s Not Regsitered

The way the program tracks your purchases in order to issue your rebate is by you registering your credit and debit cards within the Home Depot Pro Reward system and coding them to a special code that tells them you are a member of our program.  Then when ever you make a purchase at Home Depot using the credit or debit card.  Or possibly a check or a gift card, all of which can be registered and tracked, then Home Depot knows you have spent money, they send you an email with your receipt, they track your receipt and they add your purchases to your rebate tally.

Solution:  Log into the Home Depot Dashboard using your email as your username and your password – well we don’t know what that is, Home Depot should have generated one and sent it to you.  You can always reset it and get a new one.  Once logged in:

  • Click on the Credit Card and Accounts Tab.
  • Add all your Credit and Debit Cards
  • Add all your Pro Xtra Reloadable Cards
  • Add all your Gift Cards
  • Add all your Phone Numbers
  • Add all your Home Depot Keytags
  • Add all your Checking Accounts

Note that the dashboard says you can enter and track by phone number, but the Home Depot is telling us that we can’t.  If you have contractors buying on your behalf, we suggest getting a Pro Xtra Reloadable Card for each contractor, then you can load in a prespend amount for them to use at the stores.  Or get with the store and request a Keytag, then they can scan that keytag when they purchase.

Problem:  Expired or Closed Accounts

We also find that people registere everything like they were supposed to and the card expired.  Or perhaps the card was canceled and replaced.  But the new replacement cards were never registered.

Solution:  Set a time on your calendar to log into your Home Depot Dashboard and verify that all your credit cards are up to date.

Problem:  Bad Addresses

Often times the Home Depot and National REIA send out your rebate and it comes back as undeliverable.

Solution:  When every you change your address, log in and update your address.