What Makes a Successful Real Estate Investor

Have you ever wondered about the difference between the MAREI member who’s doing deals, and the MAREI member who’s coming to meeting after meeting and never quite pulling the trigger?

After all, they’re getting the same information, the same resources, the same access to networking . . . so what sets the folks who are killing it apart from the ones who are not doing much of anything?

We’ve wondered that, too. And when NaREIA past president Vena Jones-Cox told us that she’d created a presentation to show real estate entrepreneurs like you and me what it is that successful investors do, have, and know (that unsuccessful investors don’t), we knew we had to see it.

Vena’s observations on these characteristics span 20 years and literally tens of thousands of real estate folks all over the U.S., and on Monday she’s sharing them with all of us.

You’ll want to attend this, to see:

  • Which 5 things all successful real estate investors have in common
  • How they got them (luckily, none of them require extraordinary intelligence, super-human discipline, or a lot of money)
  • Which ones you need to work on getting, so you can reach your real estate goals, too

This hour long online class will literally change the way you go about planning, getting education, looking at MAREI meetings, and achieving your goals.

Download this webinar and watch it NOW:  click here




Did you miss Vena’s Webinar?  Download Replay  (click here)