What happened to my Home Depot Check?

What happened to my Home Depot Check?

Saving at Home Depot

I didn’t get my rebate!  My rebate was not as high as I expected.

As you may know members of MAREI are eligible for a 2% rebate on all money spent at Home Depot.

However, it is not magic and there is some administration on the member’s part required.

When a member joins, we send them several emails to educate them on this administration.  We mail out a letter in the member package to help educate them on the administration and from time to time we send out reminder emails and make blog posts.

So this is one of those reminder blog posts.

When You Join:

As a new member it is up to you to take a few steps to get registered.  We send your contact information to Home Depot so they can contact you.  They have a marketing company called Augeo Marketing who will attempt to contact you via phone 3 times.  After those three times they give up.

So if you join and get a call from Augeo, please answer it and know that this is a call on behalf of the Home Depot.  If you have screened this call and not answered, you can always go to MAREIMember.com, log in and click on the Home Depot Rebate link and submit your information again.

We also send out an informational letter via email and in your member package that includes instructions on how to set up your own accounts and how to update your own accounts. This includes the agreement code needed to trigger the 2% Rebate.  If you already have a Home Depot Pro Rewards account, you can usually log into that and add our Agreement Code or call them and have them add the Agreement Code.  (04/21/2015 – we just updated the instructions as they have changed)

Note the instructions we have been sending out are a bit out of date as the Home Depot has changed their site.  You will need to make sure you have the correct agreement code, but they no longer have a place for the local affiliate code.

What does “Set Up” mean:

Just that, they set you up with a Home Depot Pro Rewards Account.

But there is a next step.  You need to take it a step further and register your credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts and include our agreement code.  If you are uncomfortable with registering account codes, you can also purchase and register Home Depot Gift Cards.  And NO, you don’t have to use a Home Depot Credit card, it can be ANY credit card you have.

Updating Cards:

A few people did not receive the rebates they were expecting.  They were all set up correctly and have received rebates in the past, but this time it didn’t turn out so well.  Last year about this time or maybe even before that, the Home Depot combined the rebate accounts with their ProRewards and quite a few people got misplaced in the shuffle.  At that time we attempted to reach every member via email, social media and blog posts to contact the Home Depot and make sure your accounts were all set up and linked up properly and I think we survived the update.

But many people have had cards expire, have had cards canceled and replaced.  And while they had registered cards, the new cards did not get entered.  We urge you that every time you get a new card in the mail to log into your ProRewards account and update your cards or call into Home Depot and have them updated.  And to check all the accounts in the system to make sure they are all correct.

Now what if you still need help.  You can look for that letter that came in your new member packages or you can visit the downloads section of your “My Account” tab at MAREIMember.com or the benefits section of the MAREI Online Library and find the instructions that include our agreement codes and a phone number to contact Home Depot.

If you have not been set up or you need to update, please log into MAREIMember.com to get the instructions, collect all your account numbers and then CALL the Home Depot and check in.