Webinar with Mike Butler – the BIGGEST Fatal Mistakes Landlords Make with Rental Applications

We sat down again last Sunday Night to get a few more tips from Mike Butler and boy was it worth a Sunday Night.  He had a ton of implementable tips on Rental Applications.

First he uses a one page form, front and back that asks all the basic questions and on the back includes his qualifications list.

The first mistake that many landlords make is actually writing on the application itself . . . did you know you really should not do that.

Then some questions you might want to consider changing.  For example do you really care how many evictions the applicant has had or might it be more important to know how many evictions have been filed.

Do you ask about pets or criminal convictions.

Grab a cup of coffee and listen in – we had a bit of technical difficulty in recording the video, but we have a packed 50 minutes of tips with Mike: