Volunteer Help Wanted at MAREI


As I work through all the marketing for the Lifeonaire Events coming up, the more I realize that MAREI is holding me back as we do almost everything ourselves.  There are many times I can’t go do this or that because I am too busy with MAREI or it conflicts with the dates of some event I want to attend.  So my goal for 2016 is to put some Volunteers in place that can help when I can be there or take over when I can’t.  These would not be employees earning an income and getting a W-2, or even an independent contractor getting a W-9.  These would be volunteer positions working for free.

However there would be some perks in the form of MAREI dollars.  If we don’t pay you, you don’t have taxes to track and pay.  We would also exchange your time for MAREI dollars that could be used to pay for your membership, or events, or training materials.  We would also be recognizing the volunteers on the website for their service and depending on what you are doing, such as leading a group or teaching a class, you would get further recognition through your actions.

So would you like to volunteer – please email us at [email protected]

Here are the positions we need to fill:

At the Meeting:

Check In Table Staff:  Would need the ability to arrive no later than 5:15 pm to the meeting, collect the internet password, set up the check in table, label makers and computers, and registration forms.  Then staff the check in table through out the meeting to check people in and print name tags as well as take registration forms & fees for non-registered guests and secure them to turn in at the end of the night to the Meeting Host.  Would also collect event sign up forms and payment at the end of the meeting to secure.  Ideally we would like 3 people who could do the complete set up and check in and an additional 3 people to assist with the check in portion, so that we have different people available to help around their own lives and schedules.

AV Staff:  Would need the ability to arrive no later than 5:15 pm to the meeting, set up the sound system and test to make sure we don’t have feedback.  Make sure batteries are charged and everything works through out the meeting.  Then pack up and turn sound system in to Meeting Host at the end of the night.  Would like to have 3 people who can handle this from start to finish, and currently we have 1 person.

Set Up Staff:  Would need the ability to arrive no later than 5:15 pm to help set up the meeting.  Make sure the expo hall is set up and vendor tables are labeled.  Make sure the MAREI table is set up and all Flyers are set out.  Then at the end of the meeting, pick up all the materials and pack them up neatly.  Would like three people to help with this.

Potential Member Orientation:  Would need the ability to be at the meeting no later than 6:00 pm to make sure the orientation room is set up and cooled as much as possible if it’s hot.  Then make an announcement to the room at 6:25 inviting guest and new members to join you in the orientation room.  Go through the Membership FAQ Form and share with them the top 5 benefits to you and why you are a member of MAREI – what you get out of it.  Would like to have 3 people who could potentially do this.

Guest Host:  This person would be the Host for the Evening – sort of like hosting Saturday Night Live.  Would need to be able to arrive by 5:15 pm and possibly be in charge of bringing the AV and Registration Materials and collecting them at the end of the evening.  Would set up the pre-meeting power point and switch to the announcement power points.  Would make announcements, would introduce the vendors for their 1 minute pitch, read the disclaimer and house keeping announcements and then introduce the speaker.  And at the end of the meeting, thank the speaker properly, if it fits in with the speakers format.

Photographer:  Would attend meeting and take candid photos of networking and photos of the speaker.  After the meeting, picking the best photos and uploading to a cloud to share with the Online Staff.  Would like to have 2 photographers.

On Line:

Facebook Moderator:  Would be in charge of moderating the Facebook Group for MAREI.  This would entail logging in once a day to see who are requesting membership in the group and reviewing their profiles to make sure they are in fact real people and approving or blocking as necessary.  Then reviewing potential posts to make sure they are appropriate and not spam.  And the day after the meeting, uploading photos to the MAREI Facebook Page.  Would like 2 people for this.

LinkedIn Moderator:  Would be in charge of moderating the Linked Group for MAREI.  Again approving members and posts, the same as on Facebook.  And would also post photos the day after the meeting.  Would like 1 person for this.

Meetup Moderator:  Would be in charge of moderating the Meetup for MAREI.  This would include approving members, and posting photos the day after the meeting.  Would like 1 person for this.

Sub Groups:

Location:  We would like to support sub groups in areas that are out of the area.  These Sub Group Leaders would be in charge of helping find a free or cheap location for the meeting, finding a speaker for the group or hosting the discussion among attendees and hosting the sub group meeting.  MAREI would support the sub group by including the event on the MAREI calendars and emails.  We would like to help foster groups in Wichta, Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan, Lake of the Ozarks, and other cities that show an interest.

Topic or Speaker Group:  We would like to support sub groups based on topic such as Wholesaling or Landlording or based around something like the Bigger Pockets or Fortune Builders so that our members that are parts of these groups or who invest in these niches can get together and exchange ideas.

We are open to other ideas for sub groups.  And if you already have a group or meetup or organization that would like to find a way to partner with MAREI, we are open to ideas.

REIA Management:

Membership:  This would involve taking 2 to 3 hours the day after the meeting and processing all member and guest registrations.  Making sure that everyone is entered into the system correctly, receive their user names and passwords and get sent their welcome letters.  Then once a week, checking for any new online memberships and making sure they get sent their new member welcome packages.  Would like to find one person to do this.

Membership Committee:  A group of people to help come up with ideas and implement new ways generate new members and to take the MAREI message out to other organizations.

Education Committee:  A group of people to help come up with ideas on topics for meetings and workshops and possibly to lead workshops on real estate topics.  If you would like to help your fellow member learn their craft, you like teaching, or you want to give  back, this would be a great group.  Would meet quarterly with me to discuss topics or speakers and potentially would be assigned a topic to create and lead a workshop.

Community Service:  We would like to get MAREI more involved in the community with possibly a Habitat for Humanity Project or something similar.  We are looking for someone or several someones to help put this together.

Government Affairs:  We have a lot going on here in Kansas City with Landlord Licencing, Kansas City Missouri issues and other things that come up through the course of the month.  We are looking for someone or several someones to keep us up to date and to attend community events on behalf of MAREI.