Very Last Minute Tax Deductions for Real Estate Investors

We are coming down to the wire and we need a few more tax deductions.

As Real Estate Investors we can do a couple of things to delay income, like selling the house, closing and getting paid on the 2nd rather than the 31st.

Last Minute Tax Deductions

Here at MAREI  we went hunting for some deductions of our own.  We wanted to share some of our ideas with you and share some of the ideas we received from several other sources.

1.  You can generate a $99 to $149 Tax Deduction by joining or renewing your membership with MAREI.  Or if you have a business you want to promote, you might consider a $499 Business Membership.  Great tax deduction, now, however all the great benefits you get from MAREI would probably have you hunting for even more Tax Deductions next year.  Find out more about joining MAREI by clicking here.

2.  Invest in your Real Estate Education by buying a course or reserving seats at a training.  So for a very tiny tax deduction you could reserve your seats today to attend the Note Investing Workshop on January 24th.  Note that at the workshop on the 24th Eddie Speed will be offering two different bootcamps separately or as a package and if you want to spend the money in 2014, we are offering the same pricing in advance of the event, just so you can spend the money in 2014 and have the deduction.  Also several people who attended the Larry Harbolt Creative Finance workshop expressed interest in possibly attending his Creative Seller Financing Bootcamp in February.  So if any of these might be of interest and you wanted to get the tax deduction, click here to learn more and purchase before the 31st and we will get the Speakers to ship the product asap.

3.  Pre-Pay for Marketing.  If you have any of the marketing tools that many investors might use in their business for example Constant Contact or Freedom Soft or Click2Mail, you could prepay anyone of those for 2015 and save on the monthly fees and get a healthy deduction.  Or maybe you want to upgrade from the free Investor Website to the paid version we have for members.

4.  Do you have any subscriptions to the local paper or business magazines or other web services, prepay your subscription fees.

5.  Pre-Buy some advertising with Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

You get the idea, sit down and figure out things you are going to need to purchase for your business in the next 3 to 6 months and if you can find a way to buy before the end of the year, you have a great tax deduction.

Now what if you are reading this after the 31st, you are too late for everything we have already mentioned but you may still be able to make contributions to some Savings Plans like a traditional IRA and still get the tax deduction, but do consult with your IRA provider to confirm.

Hope this helps keep a bit more money in your pocket.