Using OPM for Investments: Are you creating a Security

We are excited to present Securities Attorney Gene Trowbridge at our May Webinar on the 19th to discuss Securities and using Other People’s Money.

We do have some homework in regards to this webinar:

  1. Register for the Webinar at 3pm CST May 19th:  click here
  2. Put a reminder on your calendar- Go to Webinar should email you several reminders as well
  3. Watch the Videos Below from Gene to get you up to speed so you kind of know what is going on.
  4. Attend the webinar on the 19th.
  5. Listen to the Replay a few times so it all sinks in

Pre-Webinar Videos:

What are Securities? 

How to Stay Out of Trouble with the SEC? 

How to Stay Out of Trouble Part II

Reg D 506(b)