Toys for Tots in Urgent Need of Toys for 11 to 16 Years Old

In the Kansas City Star today there is an article regarding the Toys for Tots program being way short on toys.  They have 95,000 request for toys in the Kansas City area and only have enough right now to cover about 1/3 of that.

They also state that they need real gifts in the $10 to $30 range, not $2 stuffed animals.  And that they are severely lacking in gifts for teens between 11 and 16.  So what can we bring to the MAREI meeting for the Tots that are not so Totish  . . .

Some ideas here:

Cool Clothes – No it’s not a toy, but teens are not really all about Toys – so a Really cool Chiefs, Royals or other Sport related Sweatshirt or jersey would probably be very well received by the tweens, but no still not a toy.

Board Games – read the ages on those board games to see if they are the right age for “tweens”, maybe a nice Monopoly or Pictionary.

Kits– Kraft Kits so they can make something.

Books – again get in the right age, there are fiction books, childrens cooking books, how to books, joke books, comic books . . .

I think if you hit a book store with $20 this week end you could probably find one or two excellent gifts . . and if you still need ideas . . . talk to your own kids and grandkids to see what they would suggest . . . .

If you visit they have the following suggestions:  sporting equipment/bags/balls; books, backpacks, cosmetics, purses, watch/wallet gift sets, bath gift sets, board games, radio control cars/trucks, hand-held electronics, skateboards/helmets, curling irons, hair straighteners, and hair dryers.

They will also accept cash donations.  We will have a collection box for cash should you want to donate cash at the check in table on the 9th.

So where do you take these gifts . . . the store you are shopping at will possibly have a box, you can bring it to the MAREI meeting on the 9th at the Holiday Inn at 8787 Reeder Road from now until the 9th and the MAREI office has a collection box in the office all day Monday and Tuesday till about 3.