Too many emails . . . . or are they really emails.

Here at MAREI we share information in a variety of ways.  We send out a few emails about upcoming events to keep you informed of what is going on and we share those same events on social media.

We too are on all the sites and some days it seems that we get way too many emails from MAREI, however, it is important to note that a lot of those emails are not from MAREI at all, but rather notifications from the social media sites that you belong.


When something is important or if we have an event coming we will send out an email.  We will also post it across the board on our social media so EVERYONE we can think of can potentially get notified.

But if you get an email and a notification from Facebook, Google and Meetup, well then it appears you are getting four emails from us when in actuality, you only received one.

So you could unsubscribe from the emails and depend on Social Media to notify you.  Or you can choose to get fewer notifications from Social Media.  So here’s some links to tell you how to reduce the number of notifications.


  • How do I adjust my email notifications from Facebook?  These are setting you can adjust and by default whenever anything happens on Facebook, you get an email and you can turn this off.
  • Push Notifications to your Phone?  Likewise, when you set up the Facebook app on your phone, by default whenever anything happens, it will give you a notification.  You can turn these off!
  • Group Notifications:  Groups are a great way to network online.  They work like a live meeting, except they happen in posts.  By default, Facebook will post a notification under the little world icon and also give you a notification via email or on your phone unless you turn off the notifications for that group.
  • Other Notifications:  Ideally for the least intrusion via Facebook turn off all Email Notifications and Push Notifications to your Phone and leave the notifications from the groups on so it shows up in the world icon on your Facebook Wall.  And Note if you comment on any post, you will also get a notification under your world icon if anyone else does something to that posts like comments or shares.


Google Plus



After you take the time to adjust notifications from your Social Media accounts you should see a HUGE reduction in emails and email like notifications on your smart phone and in your email.  However, if you are still getting notifications, look around on them.  Somewhere, at least on the notifications that hit your email inbox, there should be a link to click that will take you directly to the place you need to go to shut off that particular notification.

On the unwanted emails from MAREI you have several that come through automated systems and we want to discuss them.

Property Leads:  Whenever a member of MAREI activates their free website and posts a property on their site, that property, in turn, gets pushed to the MAREI website, Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Twitter Feed.  It also generates an email that goes out to all members and guests in the system and comes from on Fridays.

At the bottom of that email is a link that says “To unsubscribe or change the emails that you receive from Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors, go here to manage your subscription.”    You can choose change subscriptions and turn off all property leads or you can choose unsubscribe to turn off all emails coming from such as membership renewal reminders.  You will still get emails if we select to send you an email directly.

We also maintain a database of contacts in Constant Contact and you will also find an unsubscribe link on all Constant Contact Emails.  For MAREI we maintain

  • the General List that goes out to all MAREI Contacts,
  • the Legislative Only List that goes only to those wanting legislative updates
  • Events List to get notices about meetings and events
  • Single Event reminder for those who only want 1 reminder

You can manage your subscriptions on Constant Contact to Update Profile and it will send you an email with instructions on how to change your subscriptions or you can select unsubscribe and opt-out of all Emails.

Hope this helps you find the best way to be informed of what is happening at MAREI, however if you want to stay informed and not miss out on savings, discounts, and events, make sure to stay subscribed to email so we can update you.