The War with the KCMO Water Department Wages On

Missouri Legislative
The Ferguson Settlement is finished in the Ferguson vs the Department of Justice-Lawsuit.  It was filed against the city in MO, and its municipal court system, for violating the citizens constitutional rights. 
Read the charges in the lawsuit (links above) and if your city is implementing city ordinances through the court system in similar fashion against you, please call for immediate investigation into the city policies and procedures in all city departments that violate your constitutional rights.  Departments like water, traffic, neighborhood preservation, animal control, peaceful demonstration, etc.,  
If everyone that has a constitutional complaint against the city and city municipal courts and departments, sends in their complaint, I am confident it will cover most all city departments.  
Kansas City Missouri and other cities are in denial mode.  
Please use this template to bring your issues before the Department of Justice and include court case numbers where you were charged unjustly. If you are unsure of your case numbers, please visit casenet  to find them.  If you pled not guilty but were found guilty make sure to include all those case numbers too.  Please go all the way back to 2011.
I have already filed my complaint and I urge other property owners to use the template to file your own complaint.  Be sure to be accurate as possible and include all old Kansas city Missouri Water Department complaints too, again all the way back to 2011.  We are attempting to establish and prove a pattern.  
Be sure to read the lawsuit the settlement so you understand what has happened in the Ferguson Case.  The time to send in your complaints is now.  Don’t complain to us when the DOJ is finished investigating, do it now and give it something to investigate.
All complaints, must be filed with the Dept of Justice (DOJ) by certified mail if at all possible, after that regular mail or via fax:  
Deputy Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Division
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
202-514-8336 fax line COMPLAINT
Please pass this information to all Realtors, Landlords, Real Estate Investors, and Property Management firms that want to see their businesses increase. 
Don’t forget to pass along our thanks too:  We want to thank, Mr. John Sebree,  CEO of the MO Board of Realtors for his time, and Kim Tucker of the MAREI for all they do, don’t forget to join them as well. One of the cities arguments is well all these other cities are doing this! 

Thank you, get those complaints in.

Fred J. McGary

Operating Manager
The Canmore Group LLC