The September RE Investment News from Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors

This months calendar includes our Shark Tank Event on the 12th.

News Short Takes: Fair Housing and Helen Grybosky, Vacant & Rental Property Registration in Kansas City, Healthy Homes in Kansas City, Take Action on Flood Insurance, Your Home Depot 2% Rebates & Gift Cards, and the National REIA Cruise.

Articles Include a Summary of a Case from John Hyre with a Real Estate Investor set up all his businesses not quite correctly, didn’t manage them correctly, didn’t keep good records, paid way too much to a guru to set up who then left him on his own to manage and then added in an LLC owned by his Self Directed IRA . . . see all the mistakes made and what you should avoid.

The second Article from Robyn Thompson shows us how to run a business like a business. The steps you need to take to get all setup and to manage and succeed as a business.

Plus a few ads from our Many Vendors: Including our new 15% discount on cabinets at the Home Depot, Automated Rent Collection, Email Services and a ton of info on a top investor web provider – follow the link in the ad to access several hours on training on how to market online.

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