Tax Liens & Deeds: Go After the Property trough the Lien or Deed

Toms other scenario was to buy Tax Liens or Deeds with the strategy of going after the property.

When you buy the lien or deed you can pick characteristics of the property owner to buy a lien that is highly likely to pay off . . . liens on nice properties, in nice areas, with husband and wife owners . . . like the high rise condos in Florida in my last post.  Or you can filter your list of ltiens for those that are much more likely to pay off.

In Toms back end office that supports he and his students, they have a software that can take the list of liens and sort for the usual zip code or city, then sort by type of property, but can also key in on those that are more likely to not pay  . . . . properties that are highly likely to be owned by heirs of a deceased party.  These would have things in the owner name like “et al” or “estate” or “trust”.

When Tom is investing with the strategy to try and get the house, he buys liens of this type.

He gave a great strategy here.  Find the area you want to possibly get the houses and get the list of liens up for sale . . . . filter the list for those with characteristics of liens more likely to not pay and do your due diligence to make sure you would want the house.  Bid on and buy the liens  (or maybe wait till after the sale and research out the left overs – the liens no one bought).

Then you have about 1/2 of those liens that might go ahead and pay off and give you a profit to pay for all the liens you bought, then one or two may get foreclosed for lack of payment and you get the house.

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