Stop the Stack – follow up with those business cards sooner rather than later!


This is the week Kim finds out all the stuff you people probably already know….

I am attending the National REIA Mid Year Conference in Minnesota this week.  So I was firing up the tablet to make sure it was up up to date and charged.  Then I was going to create a note with all the important stuff on flight, hotel, car, etc.

So of course I turned on Evernote (if you don’t have it – get it – it’s FREE) and it asked me if I wanted to try the Business Card tool it has. I am using this on my Tablet – so hopefully you can do this on your tablet or smart phone. You lay the business card on the desk, take a photo of it with the gadget.

It then tells me this is a premium feature, however if I will link my Evernote to my LinkedIn account, I can try the feature for a year for free. So log into my LinkedIn account.

Now it gets really cool. . . . after it takes the photo it goes to Linked in and finds the person’s contact.  Most people are going to have a LinkedIn Contact, it has worked for the last 2 out of 3 business cards I have tried.

I can then edit a bit if I need to, but because it is pulling data from Linkedin, not much editing.

Then it asks if I would like to connect with them on Linkedin and will send a contact request for me.

Then it asks if I want to add it to my contacts – I have the camcard app on my device and google I can add it to either one. I select Google, and then I can add categorize them in Google.  I am assuming if you have another contact app on your device, it will probably work with that too.

Then I click done and go on to the next one.

Great way to meet a person at an event and then connect with them on LinkedIn later in the day – one touch.  Then possibly send them a quick follow up email via gmail – 2nd touch. Then if you had any notes on the business card that needed followed up with, you could reach out to them via phone next week with that follow up – 3rd touch.

You could also create a group in your google – of people you met at x event – when you get home, you could export that group in excel for further follow up for example:

  • add to a google circle
    direct mail something
    add to your email newsletter
    invite to another event
    send marketing material too

Just need your 8 touches in about 2 weeks, so they will remember who you are.

See you at the next MAREI meeting!