Stop overpaying on materials for your properties!

Save Money at Home Depot.

We can save you more money at the Home Depot.

When you open a Home Depot Pro account that is linked through MAREI to National REIA, you receive at minimum a 2% rebate on everything you spend at the Home Depot every day.

As we have many members who join for this benefit alone, we want to make sure you are set up and getting your rebates.

When you join you received information in the Membership Package on how to get set up properly that included DIY instructions, a place to register your information and request they call you and a phone number to call in for assistance.  This package is also located at in the Member Downloads and the Member Library.

If you have been set up, you should at minimum call in once a year to make sure they have your correct address and that all your cards are registered.  As we move or our cards get replaced, we need to send them updates.

The Savings Don’t Stop There!

We also have a 20% discount on paint that is tied to your phone number used when you registered your pro account.  This is a new discount and we always recommend calling in to the phone number mentioned above to confirm you have the 20% discount connected to your pro account.

We have an appliance package that through out the year can save you a ton of money, although right now with the Holiday Sales on Appliances, you may be able to get even better savings.

If you are doing a major renovation and spending more than $2500, we suggest getting a complete list of all items you will need and their SKU numbers.  Then visiting the pro-desk in store for volume pricing that could save on average about 14% off of retail.

Also as a Pro-Rewards customer, they send out sales to your email where you can save even more.

So if you shop at the Home Depot, be sure to log into and grab your copy of the Membership Guide and make sure you are setup properly for your Home Depot Savings.

Or you can Click Here for the Hme Depot Rebate Enrollment Form  that you can fill out and turn in at the next meeting, email or fax to the contact on the form and we will check your membership and then get you set up.