Speed Networking . . . What is it?

SpeedNetworkingWhat Is It-

When Real Estate Investors attend meetings, training and networking events they tend to break up into “cliques” just like high school and don’t always meet new individuals or business contacts.  Sure there are one or two folks who work the room, but the rest of talk to people we know – its safe.  For the average person however, the “toss us all into one room” that is what usually happens at networking events just does not work really well, especially for the shy person or someone totally new to the group.

As business people, real estate investors juggle busy schedules and still try to spend a lot of time making all the needed contacts to grow their circle of influence and grow their business.  As with most business, the more people you know, the more business you will do.

There are solutions, learn how to meet people.  Practice networking.  But the easiest has to be Speed Networking as it forces everyone on the room to talk to everyone else.  And the shy folks, well you are forced to get over it and it’s not very hard.  But what is it?

Speed Networking is like your average monthly networking meeting combined with speed dating.  The room and the evening program is designed to get you talking to other people and doing it in short periods of time.  You get the opportunity to introduce yourself and pitch your company, your service, your product to other people.  Likewise, they get to do the same.

In one short 90 minute session for example, the average participants in our Kansas City Real Estate Investor Speed Networking event will meet more people, make more contacts, and generate more business ideas in one short evening that they will probably by attending an entire year of monthly meetings.

Mechanics of Speed Networking

The room is set up so all the attendees are seated in pairs.  The Master of Ceremonies will set the time and start us off.  During each fast paced session of about 2 minutes, each participate will be able to network face to face.  Each side of the pair receiving about 60 seconds.  Then the timer sounds and the pairs will change to network with someone else.

During this key 2 minutes of time, each pair will share what it is that they do, exchange business cards, valuable information about their business, and maybe a few key ideas.

It’s always a good idea to bring your business cards to exchange, possibly a flyer or brochure or CD for people that are really interested, and note pad an pen to write down contact info from those who are not prepared or for notes on who to follow up with or new concepts that you want to follow up with.

It is also a good idea to practice what you want to say.  For example

  • What it is that you do?
  • What you need?
  • How someone could benefit from doing business with you?
  • How you might help someone else?
  • Exchange cards.

After an the Speed Networking meeting is concluded, you have one more step. . . Follow up.  You can only learn so much in 2 minutes so it is always a good idea to follow up all new contacts with an email, Facebook connection, phone call or what ever it is that you do to follow up with contacts.  Then add them to your database and if they had a service or product you were looking for, be sure to give them an opportunity to earn your business . . . they might just give you a chance to earn theirs and refer you to their circle of influence.

Note our 3rd Annual Speed Networking to Benefit the Marines Toys for Tots Foundation will be held at the Tuesday December 13th meeting of Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors.  There is no charge for the meeting, however we do ask that all attendees bring a new unwrapped toy to help us reach our goal of 4 heaping boxes of toys.  Click here to RSVP so we have a solid idea of how many people will be participating in the evening.