Speed Networking: 4 Simple Steps to an Effective Elevator Pitch

Speed Networking4 Simple Steps

As a real estate investors or just about anyone with a small business, you need a good effective sales pitch.  When someone asks you what it is that you do, you need to be ready with a quick, concise, easy to understand reply that will tell them what you do and spark thought and further conversation.

So what should be in the pitch?  Something that is going to make the person you are speaking with interested enough to ask a question, refer you on or follow up with you for more information.

Step One would be to Identify the people you help by showing them how to – insert who you help here.  People who need to save money,  want to learn to buy real estate, want to buy their own home, sell their home fast, etc.

Step Two would be to explain how you can help them by – insert how you can help.  You can help by increasing their revenue or income, help them buy or sell a house, pay less on their mortgage, etc.

Step Three is to give them a why they would benefit.  They would have more time to do what they want, they can enjoy their own home or income from a rental property, increased cash flow from interest payments, enjoy more time with family.

Step Four is to end with a question, do they know anyone like the person described in one two or three . . . it could be the person you are talking to now, or in the future or possibly someone they know.

An example

“I show average Americans how they can buy real estate with out dealing with a bank.  They can enjoy all the benefits of living in their own home.  Do you know anyone who wants to buy but cannot get a traditional mortgage? ” (For people who sell lease to own or with seller financing.


Note our 3rd Annual Speed Networking to Benefit the Marines Toys for Tots Foundation will be held at the Tuesday December 13th meeting of Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors.  There is no charge for the meeting, however we do ask that all attendees bring a new unwrapped toy to help us reach our goal of 4 heaping boxes of toys.  Click here to RSVP so we have a solid idea of how many people will be participating in the evening.