Special Invitation from Flipping Stars . . . did you get one?

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Special Invitation from Flipping Stars . . . did you get one?

So did you get one of these in the mail?  These are my tickets and if anyone wants them, well, call 1-800-262-9592 and if you are one of the first 100 registrants you can probably get in.  If you are in the first 200 registrants, well the hotel walls expand and I am sure they can get you in !

I know you can’t wait to go see A & E Stars Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour live in Kansas City for Free next week . . . but . . .

Some words of caution.  One you will probably not actually see Peter and Dave but rather their HYPE . . er rather Marketing Team.

If you have not been to these live dog and pony shows where they book several days of hotel time and send 1000’s in direct mail marketing out to the general public, plus buy a ton of telemarketing time so they can call every phone number that they can find to invite you.  They spend a ton on Google Ads and Facebook Ads too!


Because Kansas City . . if they can get a few 1000 people through their events while they are here, they can get you to spend and spend and spend.  I went to a similar event and based on the price of the product and the 50 or so people that went and purchased, they were making over $250,000 in that 2 hour period ALONE and they were doing 6 to 10 of those 2 hour pitch fests.

Now, I am not saying don’t go . . . far from it.  (see links to the a few reviews at the bottom that seem favorable for Peter and Dave)  I have never seen either of these guys in their current incarnation . . I did see Dave Seymour once. . He was a David Lindahl (the Apartment King) student who had been a “Sexy Fireman”  his words, not mine a few short years before and was now speaking for Dave Lindahl.  I was not impressed then in 2008.  Maybe he has learned something about real estate since then. . .

I have been to similar type events and there are a few nuggets, but these free events are designed with one thing in mind, to get you to buy the bootcamp and /or the course where you will then, hopefully actually learn something and get to see the stars themselves.

So what are you going to learn?  Well I have never actually purchased one of their courses or their bootcamps and I have definitely never purchased a property from them.  They may all be totally awesome.

What I want to caution you here is to get on the internet and do a little research on both of these guys (or any other speaker that will come to town and spend tens of $1000s in marketing to get you to come to a free event).  See what the general public has to say about them as people, the company or brands they represent, their training, their customer service and their business practices.

From the REIA perspective, we see time and again when events like this come to town.  They build up excitement.  The entice several 100 people to buy courses and bootcamps.  The people spend lots of money that they usually do not have.  To find out that they are not getting the whole story.

After going through the training from these TV stars and pitch men & women, they end up at our REIA door saying. . we went to XYZ training and spent $40,000 and now we are ready to get started and start investing, where do I start .  After they attend 3 or 4 of our events they always, everyone of them tell us that they have learned more in our monthly meetings and $100 (or less) training sessions than they learned from the $10,000 – $50,000 training from these TV Stars and Pitch People.

As a REIA group, we are here 24 – 7, right here in your market.  We do business in our market and we will be here long after the TV star leaves.  So we don’t want to sell you a bunch of worthless training or worse yet sell you a piece of junk house at over inflated prices.

We do bring in speakers from out of state because usually it’s the best way to get quality information.  The speakers are solid real estate professionals in their own market who decided to make some money teaching.  We research these speakers first to make sure what they are teaching is honest, ethical, legal and actually works.  We look to see that they have actual experience doing what that teach and that they still practice.  We also look at their customer service and feedback from their students and other REIA groups.  And if there is a problem, the REIA brand across the country goes a long way into getting results for our members.

So if you do go to this event on the 17th or 18th of October here in Kansas City, be sure to take a bunch of business cards and try to network . . they may not let you.  Learn all you can learn, but please take some time a few days ahead of time to do some research.

Here are a few articles I found in a 2 minute search, people seemed to like the initial training for Peter and Dave the basic course and 3 day event for $2,000, but not the upsell to more training.:


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