So, where is YOUR Easy Button

Do you have YOU have one?

You just pull it out of the drawer and with one click, everything is just easy rolling.

Fixes all problems.

Makes the weight fall off.  Makes the house clean itself.  Makes the new phone system just work instantly and well if we are lucking, click and instant riches!

Sounds Awesome, Where do I get one?

Sorry, I don’t think things work that way . . .

No matter how good the diet, the system, the guru’s training, there is one thing in common with all the people who are successful in using them . . . they actually take time, focus, effort and yes, WORK!

If you think there is anything out there that works otherwise, well, SORRY CHARLIE!

I have attended several large events with 100’s of people and a slick guy or gal a the front of the room with the secret system, just spend several $1000 to buy the “system” and then buy a deal from said guru and whammo bammo you are a successful real estate investor!   Yea – RIGHT!

So, most of us know they claims are not true, yet the GURU collects several $100,000 in a few hours.  Why?

Basically it works this way, people are lazy and its just easier to buy the instant pill rather than to go with the trainer in the smaller room who is telling you that it will work, but you actually have to work.  It’s much easier to buy into the instant riches rather than the get rich slow program.

You have the dream and it sounds so good and you shell out more money for the flash and the polish rather than doing a bit of work.

So sorry to shatter your dreams, but no course will jump off the shelf, take itself out of the package, start generating marketing, taking calls, looking at properties or making offers.

Many people are out there who are addicted to the guru and keep buying more and more training products with out doing any research as to the effectiveness of the course or the feedback on the guru.  They just buy the course and bring it home and hope that by having it in their possession they will be successful.

So before your next GURU presentation take some ACTION!

Research the Guru

Buy the Course if it applies and checks out.

Take steps to implement the system.

Follow Through and follow up and STAY FOCUSED!

Then and only then will the success and the big bucks start rolling in.  NOT BEFORE.

And then . . . watch out, there is no stopping you or your success!

Stop hoping for that Easy Button . . . If you want to make a change in your life, get off the couch and find people who want the same outcomes as you do.  Meet with them.  See what they are doing.   Access the systems they are using.

If you want to be successful in Real Estate and are Ready to take action, then join us at a MAREI meeting.  But it will not be easy, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to have the success that many of our members have found.