So how did you find out about us?

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“So how did you find out about us?”

When ever we get a call from a potential motivated home seller our first questions are what is your name and phone number so if we get disconnected, we can call you back.  Our next question is always “How did you find out about us?”

We spend a lot of time finding new ways to generate seller leads and we want to know what’s working and what is not working?

These days our usual response is from “an online search.”

I am thinking we might need to refine that a bit further though to see if they just randomly went to the internet and searched and landed on our website.  Or if they went to craigslist and did a search and saw our ad there.  Or if they got a letter in the mail and then went to the internet searching for us based on that mail piece.

Here’s why I am thinking this.

We have been marketing just with craigslist and our website for about 6 months.  Not a lot of direct mail going out and we were getting a few calls here and there.

In the past month we sent out 350 yellow, hand written letters that are in a nice little invitation size envelope that is also hand addressed with a cutsie return address label.

Our phone calls from motivated sellers are showing based on the seller story and reason for selling that they were generated by our direct mail piece.  Yet when we ask them how they found us, their answer seems to be online search?

So I am questioning our results.  Are we now coming up more in online searches by random people because our website is getting more traffic from our letter people?  Although this last piece that went out did not have our website or company name, just our personal names.  Or maybe they got the letter with our name and because it did not have a website associated with it, that they searched for our personal names and came up with our website that way?

How are your sellers finding you?