So are you Accountable

This week we listed our house for sale, the house we live in . . . ugg.

And now we have to do a lot of things at our house that, well we are not too good about doing . . . make the bed every morning, clear the counters every morning, put away the laundry as soon as it’s folded.

Yes, we know how to do it, but when nothing is forcing us to do it, we let things slide and we just walk by the shoes in the middle of the floor.

But now we have an accountability coach  . . . the for sale sign in the yard and the random emails that come in saying someone wants to look at our house in an hour.


This reminds me greatly how it is important in our business lives to have someone we are accountable. I advise many new members who attend a training who want to succeed in their new real estate investing business to find someone to who they need to be accountable.  Someone who they can discuss their goals and ideas and implementations, who they will keep them on track and let them know they are not doing what they had planned.

In the MAREI newsletter, recently we published a very educational article from Vena Jones Cox about how you can find someone to keep you accountable.  If you need help staying on track or even if you don’t, you will find it helpful to have someone who keeps you on task.

Check out the article “The Importance of Accountability”