Shark Tank: Present Your Investment to the Sharks in September

Have you ever wanted to pitch a deal that you’ve got to ready and able cash buyers? How about several of them? You know, we’ve all done an email blast and Craig’s List ads. That’s great. But, this is so much better.

You’ve heard of the TV show called Shark Tank. Right? Well, here’s the deal. At our September Meeting, we’re going to have a panel of about five different Sharks who may want to buy your deal, fund your deal, bring expertise to your deal or partner with you in some way.  And if the Sharks just don’t get the deal, you may find that one of the 100 or so Sharks in the Audience might want to do that deal.

It’s just like Shark Tank.

We are looking for a variety of investments.  So if you are looking at any one of the following, we would love to consider your investment:

  • Wholesale Flip
  • Rehab Flip
  • Buy and Hold
  • Package Deal
  • Note Investment
  • Apartment Property
  • Strip Mall
  • Office Building
  • Residential Assisted Living Facility
  • Development Project
  • Tiny Home Community
  • Vacation Rental

You will have about 5 minutes to pitch your deal and the sharks will have about 10 minutes to ask you questions.  To facilitate time, we do want to review all deals in advance.

We are accepting applications for presenters on September 12th online:  click here to submit your deal!