Tenant Screening
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A recent discussion on the popular Q&A Forum focused on the criteria landlords use for evaluating rental applicants. Many landlords, myself included, like to use a written scoring system where applicants receive points for various criteria.  If an applicant reaches a score they meet the minimum requirements. One landlord started the discussion by asking if others can share about the scoring system they use.  Below is one example of a scoring system that was shared on the forum.

1. _____ On time for appointment
2. _____ Brought necessary items: ID, application information, references, application fee, holding deposit
3. _____ Application filled out completely and truthfully
4. _____ Able to verify all necessary information
5. _____ Able to pay full amount of rent and deposit
6. _____ Verifiable monthly income at least three times the rental amount
7. _____ Verifiable income and employment
8. _____ Stable income or stable employment, minimum 6 months
9. _____ Financial obligations no more than 50% of verifiable income
10. _____ Satisfactory credit history (no bankruptcy, FICO score 1 point for every 50 above 500)
11. _____ Provided credit references
12. _____ At current address for a minimum of 6 months
13. _____ Gave proper notice to prior landlord
15. _____ No prior evictions
16. _____ No problems with previous landlord(s)
17. _____ Previous deposit returned (not used for damage or last month’s rent)
18. _____ No police reports
19. _____ No significant violations of previous rental agreements
20. _____ No pets or is willing to pay higher monthly rent and deposit for pets
21. _____ Nonsmoker(s)
________ Total score (must score at least 15 points to be considered)
Scored by: _________________________________DATE:____________________


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