Saturday Training: Foreclosure Auction Expo

Saturday, June 24th @ 8:30 am at Johnson County Community College

5 Seats Left

 If you are looking for your next profitable deal and you are want just one more way to put more deals into your pipeline, then you will want to join us for a full day of hands on training to learn how to buy houses on the Courthouse Steps in Missouri and Kansas.

  • How the house makes it to a Foreclosure Auction.
  • How you can buy before the auction from the homeowner, at the auction or after the auction from the bank.
  • What due diligence needs to be done on the property, the title and the taxes before you start bidding.
  • How do you find out about houses going to auction or houses that no one buys.
  • The differences between foreclosure sales in Missouri vs Kansas and where you need to be careful.
  • What do you do when you are the winning bidder.

We have local investors, foreclsoure attorneys, Staff, Title People and Lenders who fund houses all joining us for this information packed day.  No books and courses to buy, no bootcamps to buy, just straight information.

Event Pricing

  • $149 for One Person / $20 for Family Member / Business Partner
  • $99 for One  through through June 21st plus $20 for Family Member or Business Partner
  • $79 for One through June 14th plus $20 for Family Member or Business Partner


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