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Kansas City Missouri Water Department

A Letter from the Landlord Legal Defense Fund

We sure could use your help in getting everyone you know notified.  Letting your other group members know.  Please use all of your social networking skills and inform everyone how important this is to everyone.  This will also help to keep the riots out of the streets of Missouri too.


Anyone, that contacts you with a problem they are having with the city ticketing them in excess, anywhere in the state of Missouri, have them contact us.  Anyone having trouble with their water company, do to unreasonable billing, have them contact us.


As Eric Holder, the then US attorney general reported … cities are on the attack on their citizens, to generate revenue, not only in Missouri but across this country.   Here is Eric Holder report pick it up about the 4:30 mark:


I hope you agree it is up to us, you and me, to help stop it.


We need your help in getting everyone you know contacted, so that we can get legislation language passed, that will bring city water under Missouri state regulation, and to also, have constitutional law be heard in municipal courts, as to prevent unconstitutional judgments from the Municipal court, to passed on to you and me. (early stages)


However, to achieve legislation language that will address these problems of the city attacking its citizens, well, its a numbers game, across many counties, across the state, and we need your help in contacting everyone you know.


Know that this legislation will help curb overspending in city water departments, and in all city departments, that generate their revenue through tickets, municipal courts and policing, which are hitting us with, fine, fees, and interest to generating revenue for their city departments.  These acts also circumvents tax laws, and makes criminals out of you and me.


So please contact all your contact groups now. How about your church group or a biker group? Or other organization, that would have interest in slowing down city spending by generating unrighteous revenue?  What about civil groups, that were in the city streets protesting?  Can you speak to them?  I am sure they will be interested in helping in this legislation.   Or just let us know who to contact, email address below, and we would be happy to contact them too.


This is our goal:  To contact the board members, either you or I, so we can discuss and coordinated a group message to our legislators, as to achieve appropriate language in the bill.  This will also keep everyone updated quickly on the bill and the reading and hopefully a vote.


Without everyone reaching out to their contacts across the state, and notifying them to contact us….. the city will just keep expanding their ideas on how to generate revenue for their departments, even if that means you go to jail.


Let us know how we can get more people involved, in making sure our constitutional laws, protects us all in all courts, from all policing powers.  I await to hear from you.


Thank you.
Fred J. McGary
Landlord Legal Defense Fund
[email protected]
PO Box 270042
Kansas City, MO 64127

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