Renatus is coming to town, is it just one more MLM Scam Company


We all love real estate and now you can pay big bucks to learn more about real estate investing and get paid really big bucks if you can rope your friends into paying the big bucks too.  That is the Renatus Wealth Cycle as I see it on their website – use your residual cash flow from the multi level marketing so you can fuel your real estate investing.

One person quotes that if you sell something to a recruit, you get paid 45% of what they paid and then a few other people up the chain gets 5% overrides.  Which is not a bad compensation plan if you want to make your money selling real estate training material.

The Education is an Online Training style on how to invest that are to say the least, probably not the best and probably not the worst.  But by far you can probably get the same information from less slick mentors and gurus at a fraction of the cost.

So what is Renatus?  Well, if you were around in real estate a few years ago you might have heard of Nouveau Riche and a copy cat of theirs Networth.  Both went out of business because they were sued and shut down.  Renatus is a new version of Nouveau Riche by one of their founders Bob Snyder.

Several people have contacted me wanting me to promote them here at MAREI, which we are opting not to do.

You can do you own research, however you might want to read these articles and visit these sites:

Personally we do not know if Renatus is good or bad, we have not seen their training.  However they tell me they are targeting experienced investors to do deals with  . . . and research tells me they are a great group to network with to do deals.  But research also shows me that they are more interested in selling you courses and training.  The first person to approach us here in Kansas City was so excited to get me to convert MAREI over to a Renatus Chapter because then MAREI could make $605,000 by selling stuff to all of you great guys and gals.

Now you know that MAREI does make some money when you buy courses from them, but in the 12 years MAREI has been in existence we have not made it to $605,000 in a year, I don’t think in 12 years.  And we have provided and sold a LOT of training.

So before you pull out the credit card for any company, Renatus, any other Guru coming to town, do a bit of research on the speaker before you attend the event.  By all means attend the event, you can definitely network and meet new people and maybe you will learn something.  But before you spend any substantial amount of money, make sure you are an informed consumer before you buy . . . you would spend a few weeks researching a vacation spot or buying a car . . . so why not your real estate investor training.