#ReadMyPost – Stop it Already!

#ReadMyPost Social Media Spam

As the moderator of the Facebook Group Kansas City Real Estate Investors I just have to say – Stop It Already!

About 6 pm last night some random person found our Facebook Page and all new people are usually approved to be members, however posts still have to be approved.  This person – if it was a real person – proceeded to attempt to post porn to our site.  What the purpose was, is unknown as we moderate the site and delete post like this.  This same person proceeded to add several other people who also attempted to post porn.

As a moderator of a social media site – lots of spam is deleted daily.  Not usually porn, but more likely shoes, sunglasses or purses.  But we also get a ton of other spam that the average poster does not even know is spam.

I also am a part of a lot of groups on different social media and I spend time daily going to many of them to take part in the community, however 99% of the time when I visit I can’t find a post that is not spam, there is no conversation or any discussion.  Just post after post of reshares with no comment, advertisements, and then the out an out spam spam like I mentioned at the top of this post.  When I find that, I see no reason to go back, no one is reading and no one is commenting and all the site is is a place for people to post and no one to read . . so what’s the point – seems like a total waste of time on everyone’s part.

The question becomes how do you make your personal profile or business pages online relevant?

I subscribe to a bunch of social media help newsletters and one came through today from Pam Moore with the Social Zoom Factor and she shares some thoughts on making posts.  She had some interesting thoughts.

First you need to imagine social media to be very similar to a live social gathering or event, be it your local REIA meeting, meetup group, church group, or the local bar.  Can you sort of use your imagination to get that?

Now imagine yourself in this live social gathering, would you do any of the following:

  • Walk in wearing a shirt with your company name, logo and website and phone number and go up to everyone in the room and ask them to like you?  No?  Yet, people will hit every Facebook Group they can find and say – Like Me, Like Me, Like Me . . . Total Spam.
  • Do you walk around a room with your tablet and as you meet each new person to watch your YouTube video?  Now I can see if you are a business vendor with a booth showcasing your business and having a video that you share when someone walks up to find out about your business.  But walking around the room and asking everyone to watch your video would be just plain annoying.   So in this scenario, having your video on your page or your website for people to view when they come to find out about you – great.  But posting that video to every social media group you belong to, not so great
  • In a group converation, would you interject every 3 or 4 minutes Hi I am Here, Isn’t this interesting?  No probably not, but posting the same post over and over again everywhere has the same effect and we see it all the time.

I am still working to learn the best balance on my social media presence.  I found this Pam’s  Podcast quite interesting.  I invite you to watch it here.