Update Rental Ready: We did not collect enough signatures


We did not collect enough signatures to get the ordinance on the ballot.  So now if we want to change this rule in Indpendence as well as other cities in the metro that are planning on adding a similar ordinance we will need to focus on state law in Missouri.

Summary of our petition drive is below.

As you may be aware the City Council of Independence Missouri voted and passed a new Rental Ready Ordinance #18637 (Article 15 – Chapter 4 of the city code – read here) that will require landlords to have a Business License for every rental unit and as a condition to obtaining and keeping that Business License will be required to hire a qualified inspector to inspect the rental unit, occupied or not), every two years. Multi Family of 4 or more units shall have 10% of units inspected very two years. .  Inspectors to inspect for some basic safety issues and for many tenant issues such as not using too many extension cords, debris around furnace and hot water heaters our around egress windows and doors, insect and rodent infestation, animal or human waste on walls or floors.

This ordinance would require an inspector to enter the private homes of renters, continually, every other year, without permission, without due cause, and without a warrant.  If the renter refuses the inspector entry to their home, then a judge can issue a warrant and then force entry.  We as a group of Concerned Missouri Property Owners feel that this is a violation of the home renter’s 4th Amendment Constitutional Right.

Our Group has collected 100 signatures of registered Independence Voters and won the right to collect signatures from other registered Independence Voters so that they can petition to have this Ordinance put to the vote.  We now have until October 6th to collect enough signatures and we need your help.

We have assembled a petition package to provide every other concerned citizen of Independence to be used to collect as many signatures as possible and turn them in by October 6thth.

Click Here for Petition Package  

Click Here for Instructions

The Package Includes”

  • Page 1 – Petition for Referendum
  • Pages 2-7 – The Ordinance
  • Pages 8-10 – Signature Pages (you can add extra signature pages if needed as long as they are numbered and signed with your name printed at the bottom>
  • Page 11 – Flyer to Provide Potential Signers
  • Page 12-14 – Petition Package Instructions (separate document)


To collect signatures, you MUST BE A REGISTERED VOTER OF INDEPENDENCE.  If you are willing to help collect signatures and are not a registered voter, please find a friend or family member who is a registered voter to assist you in this matter.

Step 1:  Print the Petition Package and the Petition Package Instructions and staple pages to keep them in order.  You may want to print a few extra copies of page 11 and add a reminder for them to go vote next year.  Remember, Pages 1-10 cannot be altered in anyway and NEED to stay in exact order.

Print several packages for you to sign and notarize.

Step 2:  Collector of Signatures to Sign Notarize Signature by filling out the bottom of the Petition for Referendum (Page 1) in the Circulators Affidavit, checking that they Do Not expect to be paid for circulating this petition, and then sign in front of a Notary and have them Notarize the form.  Get several copies of Page 1 signed and notarized so you can completely fill several sets of Petition Packages.

Step 3:  Learn the Script as follows:

Excuse me Sir, Mam, are you a registered voter in Independence? 


Great, can you answer:  Should the City of Independence be allowed to require a city licensed inspector into private homes of renters, continually, every other year, without their permission, without due cause, and without a warrant?


If the home renter refuses to allow the city licensed inspector entry, should the judge be allowed to issue a warrant to force entry?


No, could you please sign here and let the people decide this issue when they vote next year. 


Thank you.  


After they sign ask – Would you like to help collect signatures from your family, friends and organizations you belong too?


All you need to do to collect signatures if you are a registered voter of Independence is to check the box you are not being paid and have your signature notarized, on page one of the Petition, keep all 10 pages together, and stick to truthful comments, and you too can collect signatures. 


Thank You for Assistance, Remember, if we do not collect enough signatures and then enough votes, this Rental Ready Ordinance shall go into effect on June 1st, 2017.


If they are willing to collect signatures provide them with a copy of the Petition Package.


Step 4:  Go Collect Signatures 


As you collect signatures remember to keep the package in order and do not alter.


Stick to the script and remain truthful in all comments.


Some signers may want to read the ordinance, please allow them the time to do so.


Verify that the person signing is a Registered Voter, if they are not respectfully decline the signature.  If they are not sure if they are registered you can still collect their signature, but remember, if it is found that they are not registered, it will be thrown out.  So we need to collect as many signatures as possible.


Step 5:  Turn in Petition Package


Turn in Petition Package that are signed and stapled in order, before October 6th, 2016 in the mail slot of the front door at Steve Summer’s Office “Glennco Inc” located at 129 W 23rd St, Independence, MO 64055. This is located 2 blocks west of Noland Road on the South side of 23rd Street.


Step 6: Convert Signers to Collectors of Signatures

Ask all signer’s if they might would be able to collect signatures.  If they are willing, you can provide them an extra blank Petition Package, but also get their name, phone and email so you can also email them a petition package so they have complete instructions and the ability to print more.


Who – Where to Collect Signatures:  Friends, Family, Neighbors, Your Tenants, Apartment Complexes, Public Functions, Public Venues.


Thank you for your assistance


Concerned Missouri Property Owners


Fred J McGary, The Canmore Group, LLC  CanMoreGroup@gmail.com Representative from the Landlord Legal Defense Fund.

Kim Tucker, Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors Kim@MAREI.org  founder representing over 3000 Landlords, Investors and Property Owners in the Kansas City Metro Area.

3 thoughts on “Update Rental Ready: We did not collect enough signatures”

  1. Come Sign the Petition: FRIDAY, September 30 from 3pm to 6pm at 12521 E US HWY 40, Independence, MO 64055 in strip shopping center on south side of 40 Hwy. They’ll be on the sidewalk in between Sassy Bridal KC and the Family Dollar
    (across from the Samurai Chef Restaurant). Look for bright NEON ORANGE signs – “SIGN RENTAL READY PETITION HERE”.
    Let me know on the petitions……thanks for your support.

  2. When you say a family member could assist does that mean as in a tag team effort. They would have to sign the notarized paper and say hold a clipboard with the blank signature forms for me as I maybe was at Independence Center or a grocery store and informed the community of the issue and ask if they were willing sign petition. Would this make the signature collection to be considered legal?

  3. RE: Stop Rental Ready Petition via email

    Good News:

    As expected the “gang who couldn’t shoot straight”, has “probably” dealt themselves a fatal blow and brought us help from an unexpected source…. Independence Home owners….

    Even though they “spent 6 years” working on RR, it appears they left one important constituency out…home owners…

    We have been asking the question…Who will they inspect next? Could it be owner/occupants???

    After we get the ballot signatures we have to be proactive in asking voters these two questions. If we are proactive, they will have a difficult job of putting the genie back in the bottle when they say “that is not our intent”

    In the meantime, home owners are actively signing petitions to get RR on the ballot and to stop the City from invading their homes.

    Chris Dress
    C&C Investments

    Remember we need well over 5000 signatures by October 6th

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