RE: Kansas City Missouri Water Department

KCMO Water Dept Issues


Are you still struggling with issues with Kansas City Missouri’s Water Department or Neighborhood Preservation?  Fred McGary who is taking point on this whole issue has asked me to share this with the group.

Please Call John Sebree CEO, now, Missouri Board of Realtors; He would like to know what problems you are having with the Water Co. and/or Neighborhood Preservation, if any.   If not pass it along.
We are upset about the transfer of water bills into our names without our permission, and they are not shutting-off water, in a timely-manner.  And they are still charging Landlords for tenants water, as tenants call for a shut-off and then don’t move.
How can the water company transfer the water into our name, when they don’t know when a legal vacancy occurs?  These are the things we are discussing with John
If you are not buying properties in Missouri, please let John know why, or if you are selling your properties, to get out of Missouri, please let John know as it relates to the above issues.
If you don’t call him now, he will assume it is not a priority issue.
John M Sebree, CEO
Office  573-445-8400 x110  / 800-403-0101 x110