Rarely Discussed Landlord Secrets!

Did you happen to catch all the webinars over the past week with Mike Butler.  He worked with us to provide 3 information packed webinars.

It all started last week with Mike and his topic . . Why You Never Call Yourself a Landlord.  Here he points out that the buck stops with the Owner / Landlord and if that is you, you have no one else to go confer with, to see if they might be able to bend the rules.  But if you are not the Landlord to the public eye, well then you gain a ton of flexibility.  When ever asked to do something outside of the norm or faced with someone complaining, you can always take the message and check with the Landlord and get back to them.  And if you can’t do what the person asks, you can always blame the big bad landlord.

Then we followed up with a packed call on Sunday Night with The Biggest Mistakes Landlords Make with Rental Application Forms.  And this short and to the point call ended up being almost a full hour and Mike really packed in the info.  We talked about what you should ask and why.  Why you should never write on the application form itself.  How to ask about evictions.  How to prove last addresses not listed and more.  If you are taking rental applications, you need to listen to the replay.

And just last night on we finished up Mike’s webinar series with The BEST Ever Tool for Landords, it’s under your nose and it’s free.  This was a great look into the tools that Mike uses everyday in his real estate business.  He grabbed his cell phone and shared the apps he uses everyday and demoed a few to show how you could use them in your business.


If you missed one or all of these webinars, you are in luck, we do have replays available – just click below:

After listening to these webinars, you will see that Mike Butler is the Real Deal and that he has quality, useful information for the full time landlord, the landlord just getting started or for the accidental landlord.  We hope you can join us on Tuesday September 8th when Mike joins us at the monthly meeting and for the full day workshop on the 12th – be sure to check out the member special – 2 for 1 – for just $49.