Q & A: How can I build my buyers list?

Question:  I am looking for advice or direction for growing my buyers list. I am getting a lot of offers accepted that I would like to wholesale or partner with other investors or private/hard money lenders. Is there a list already available to us members? If not can you recommend some good contacts?

(1) When you market a property for sale.  Take down the name, phone and email of every person who contacts you about the property and put it in a data base.  Be sure to talk to the person to find out where and what they buy so you can sort your database.

(2)  Market your properties everywhere – craigslist, facebook, linkedin, signs on the properties, flyers at real estate investor meetings.

(3) Activate your FREE Investor Website you receive as a MAREI member and post the property (it gets pushed from there to the MAREI website, facebook page, twitter feed and eUpdate).  Be sure to include on your posting of the property to visit your page and sign up as a buyer.

(4) Using a list service, purchase a list of cash buyers – people who have recently paid cash for houses near your house.  Send out a post card about your house, when they call you back or email you back, capture their information.

(5) Find online sites where owners of properties might congregate – like maybe social serve.  Contact the owners – most of the privately held rentals will have an email or phone number for the owner right there on the site, give them call to see if they buy houses.

(6) Rent table space at the monthly REIA meeting and ask people to sign up for your buyers list.

(7) Marketing asking people to come to your website to sign up for your buyers list:  social media ads, google ads, craigslist ads, videos – become famous for having deals (read last post)

Be sure to watch for the March Monthly Meeting and workshop when Vena Jones Cox joins us to share her insights on building a buyers list as a wholesaler.