Protecting Property Owner Rights


This was a post from back in 2015 that is very pertinent right now with the climate in Missouri – so we thought we would revisit.

This past weekend, Kim Tucker, founder of MAREI attended a leadership training conference hosted by Ohio Real Estate Investors Association.

One of the guest speakers was MAURICE A. THOMPSON – Executive Director of the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law.

Maurice is working with OREIA and the other smaller associations across the state of Ohio to protect property owners rights.  Two issues he is championing include Landlord Licensing and Inspection Laws as being Federally Unconstitutional as well as the Assignment of Contract that has become a big issue in Ohio.

Why do I bring this to your attention.  Because if he can win in Ohio, he can create case law for us to use in other states to protect our own rights.

Last year, Vena Jones-Cox interviewed him on her Real Life Real Estate Radio show and it was recorded.  I urge all members of MAREI to take the time to listen to this interview.  And stay current on the issues in your own city.  As a single property owner, you probably can’t create change or do much about anything, but if you combine your voice with all the members of MAREI or with all the members of our National organization and sister organizations across the country, we can create change.

2014-04-23 Maurice Thompson Fighting For Legal Rights  (Author: Vena Jones Cox, Posted: April 23, 2014, 5:00 am)
Landlord Licensing and Vacant Property Registration and in some states the requirement for inspection before any sale of property affects the buyers and sellers of property, the tenants, bank and other private owners of loans that could take houses back, the tenants who live in the properties and the neighbors of these properties.  Everyone has a stake, and needs to know and understand the issues.
Please comment if your city has a licensing law or is thinking about one.  Many KC area metro cities have laws or are contemplating them – read more.  If you visit the article linked here from the Kansas City Star, please take time to comment here on this post your laws and leave your comments as well on the Kansas City Star.