Proposed Missouri Laws on Short Term Rentals

Currently in Missouri there are several bills in the House and the Senate that affect regulations on Short Term Rentals.

The one that has the most traction is HB 608 which on the surface seems very reasonable:  It prohibits laws banning or limiting short term rentals after a particular date.

This particular bill has passed all of its votes and has been referred to the House.  It is not yet on the calendar for a House Hearing or Vote, but it could come shortly.

Why it’s Bad

So why does MAREI, the Missouri Realtors, the Missouri Vacation Rental Owners in both Branson and the Lake of the Ozarks and why should you oppose it as well?

First, according to the County Attorney for Camden County, there are currently no laws regulating Short Term or Vacation Rentals on the books, they are legislated just like any other residential house.  His stand is that if a local city, county or other taxing authority has regulations limiting such that currently they are not legal and could be struck down by the court.  However if we were to pass HB608, we would now have state statue that regulates short term rentals, thus making it a legal precendent in the state.

Second, the bill while it prohibits new law, would grandfather in and make leagal any laws passed up until a specific date, which at this times seems to be April 2018.

Take Action

There are a lot of other things wrong with it and we could go in, but we would rather point you to several well thought out discussions and ask you to take action on this this week by contacting the Bill’s Sponsors and your local Missouri House Reprsentative.  If they must pass a bill, offer HB 988 as an Alternative.

Sonya Anderson – Sponsor of HB608

  • Phone:  573-751-2948
  • Email:
  • Facebook:

Rocky Miller – Co-Sponsor of HB608

  • Phone:  573-751-3604
  • Email:
  • Facebook:

Jay Wasson – Sponsor of SB310  (similar bill in the Senate

  • Phone:  866-242-0810
  • Email
  • Facebook:

Then reach out to your own local State Representative and Senator and ask them to Vote No on HB608 and SB310 and ask them to consider instead HB988

Find your local legislator here:  Legislator Lookup