PR Campaign at State & National Levels

Missouri Property Owner Association is working on a local PR Campaign to showcase Housing Providers across the State of Missouri and National REIA is working on a National Campaign.  This Positive Public Relations Campaign is designed, in part, to raise awareness of the value of the real estate investment industry on the nation and our communities.  We are collecting data and profiles needed to convey that message and need your help.

We would like to ask your help in the following:

  • Collection of Data if you have access to any research in the areas listed below.
  • Collection of Housing Provider Profiles
  • Housing Providers to be profiled.

To help, you can reach out to and


If you would be willing to be profiled at the state level, we will be collecting data about what you do in the industry, how you provide housing and to how many, and the types of people you help create jobs for in your community.  We would like to show the world who you are, what your day job might be and how you help the industry.  For example, “My Name is Bob, I work for a local technology company providing medical data during the day and in my spare time, I provide rental housing to 5 families in Kansas City.”

Here is a Sample Mock Up of  Profile

To volunteer to be profiled, please email .

Housing Provider Data

 Sometimes finding the right data to match your intended message can be difficult.  We are looking for economic impact examples from around the country.  We would like to say that the industry supports a lot of business within it, spends X amounts of dollars, and employs directly or indirectly X number of people.  National stats on this are scarce, so it is more likely to be presented as a local example.
Do any of our local chapters and or members have any research or survey results that may be helpful to this effort?  If so, please send it to Kevin Coughlin at as soon as possible.  Or have access to research from other related groups.  Or be willing to conduct or take part in a survey.
Here’s a taste of some of the national data we are targeting:
• 43.8 million renter-occupied households in the US (37% of total)
• Children are being raised in 10 million renter-occupied households in the US
• By 2020, the number of renter-occupied households is expected to grow to over 50 million.
• 193,009 homes and condos were flipped and sold within 12 months in 2016 in US
• 126,256 people or entities flipped homes in 2016
• Lenders gave $12.2 billion in 2016 for home flips, a nine-year high
• There are about 28 million real estate investors
• Investors spend $9.2 billion annually rehabbing real estate
Any data you can share with us would be greatly appreciated, particularly data that shows community impact in your area.
Thanks for your help!