Periodic Interior Inspections of Rentals Prohibited in Kansas Unless the Occupant Consents


Kansas House Bill 2665 recently passed 70 to 55 on March 22nd in the Kansas 2016 Legislative Session.  This prohibits cities or counties from enacting residential property licensing laws that require periodic interior inspections unless the owner or occupant consents.

The bill is intended to protect the Fourth Amendment rights of property owners and tenants to be free from unwarranted searches by government officials.  This will give the tenant the right to say no to their property being searched without a warrant.

In cities across the state where interior inspections are already in place, the officials say that these interior inspections are critical to protect the health and safety of people who live in rental housing.  However, it seems that they are going to have to change their practices.

In light of the federal case in Ohio that found rental inspections without a warrant unconstitutional, it seems that unless that ruling is changed on appeal, that cities in Kansas as well as across the country are going to have to change some of their licencing and inspection requirements.