Own a Vacation Rental for FREE? Does it really work that way?

Vacation Rental Technology FREE BookYou watch the shows and see the folks who are buying a vacation home with the plan of renting it out so that it pays for itself.  They get to use it a few weeks out of the year and keep it rented out the rest of the time.

Sounds GREAT!  But where’s the catch?

We have wondered that ourselves so before you head off for vacation and look at buying a home to rent out in the future, we wanted to educated you early in the season.

We have invited Vacation Rental Experts Jeramie Worley and Brad Moncado from Vacation Rental Technologies to join us at the June 14th meeting to share some of their secrets.  However, we thought you might want to get a jump on the concept so you can attend prepared with questions.  So Brad and Jeramie have agreed to give away a free copy of their book “Myths, Management & Mastery of Vacation Rentals.”

To get your free copy of the book, click here *  to request and be sure to read up in advance of the June 14th MAREI meeting so you can come prepared with the right questions to ask.

Be sure to pre-register for the meeting by clicking here.

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