Outside Event

From time to time, MAREI may be participating in an event at another REIA group or a near by group may be having an event that we think our members would benefit from attending.  We post these event’s here, so you will know about them.

  • Denver: Out of State Real Estate Investing Summit
    Saturday, April 29th & Sunday, April 30th, In DENVER
    Out of State RE Investing Summit
    Two Days of Down & Dirty Due Diligence
    A Full Day Weekend with the
    Investment Community of the Rockies
    Saturday & Sunday, April 29th & 30th

    Remove the fears or pain points you have with investing out of state, and make the opportunity that much sweeter through knowledge and experienced resources.

    So, when it comes to investing out of state, they say, “You remove the risk by doing your due diligence,” but the challenge is not knowing what you don’t know.

    The Pro’s to Investing Out-of-State

    1. Affordability
    2. Diversify Your Portfolio
    3. Better/Ease of Market
    4. Vacation Home
    5. More Options that Meet Your Criteria

    The Con’s to investing Out-of-State

    1. Unfamiliarity with the Market
    2. Unfamiliarity with the Legal Regulations
    3. Distance When Choosing
    4. Travel During Regular Visitsave with

    Our goal for you during this event is to remove the fears or pain points you have with investing out of state, and make the opportunity that much sweeter through knowledge and experienced resources.

    THIS IS NOT TURN KEY REAL ESTATE! This is a two-day intensive event that will not only teach you the due diligence and team building process for investing out-of-state, but put you in front of local market resources to what Forbes Magazine identified as the hottest markets for real estate investing in the nation including:

    • Orlando, FL
    • Jacksonville, FL
    • San Antonio, TX
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Ft Lauderdale/Miami, FL
    • Northwest Indiana/Chicago Suburbs
    • Nashville/Memphis, TN
    • Cleveland/Northcentral Ohio
    • Kansas City
    • Atlanta

    ICOR is collaborating with National REIA and our sister chapters around the country to give you market insight, resources, and the answers to make you feel in peak position to comfortably and intelligently, with allies and local market intelligence, set yourself up for success.

    Out-of-State Real Estate Investing Summit

    When: April 29th & April 30th – see full schedule below

    DoubleTree – Stapleton North
    4040 Quebec St
    Denver, CO 80216

    **Early Bird Pricing**:

    • ICOR Members: $295/pp
    • Non-Members: $329/pp

    Pricing After April 24th:

    • ICOR Members: $325/pp
    • Non-Members: $349/pp

    970-682-4267 x 301
    MAREI Member’s can save $50 by calling Victoria at the ICOR office at the number above.

    MAREI Founder’s Kim & Don Tucker will be attending this event representing Kansas City.  While we would love to have more MAREI members attend from Kansas City, we are also creating a Kansas City Newsletter to hand out at the event.  We are offering space in this newsletter that will be handed out and then further used on the MAREI website and social media to promote Kansas City.  One Page is $100 or Half Page is $50.  Or contact Kim to learn about participating in the Kansas City Newletter being taken to the event at [email protected]

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