Now is an Ideal Time for Real Estate Investors to Learn the Note Business

Now is an Ideal Time for Real Estate Investors to Learn the Note Business

Big Banks and Wall Street screwed it all up a few years ago.  Out of that mess we got a ton of new laws like Dodd Frank and the Safe Act and we have new regulators with the CFPB – Consumer Finance Protection Bureau that make it harder for the average American to get a home loan on a house they want to live in or Investors to get loans to buy investment property.

The Big Banks have learned that its much more profitable to sell off their defaulted notes to the Big Wall Street Hedge Funds that it is to foreclose.  The Hedge Funds are pulling dollars from Wall Street to buy pools of defaulted notes and are working a select fee and selling off the lower price band assets to the average investor like the investors at your local REIA group.

So the average investor who is only dealing with a few defaulted notes, that they have purchased at a discount have much more flexibility and are able to modify the note and collect payments from the borrower.  We can negotiate a short payoff or a deed in lieu.  Or we can foreclose and sell as an REO or renovate and sell.

We can also take the houses we sell and offer seller financing . .

Anyway you look at it, Right Now in 2015 is a great time to learn the Note Business as it can totally transform your Real Estate Investing Business.

Be sure to note that Eddie Speed will be in Kansas City January.  He will be bringing all of NoteSchool’s Stats to share with us the State of the Industry on the 13th at the MAREI Meeting.  He will be coming back on Saturday the 24th for an all Day Seminar to discuss Why Real Estate Investor’s Need to Learn the Note Business and to Explain the Basics.