Newbie Investors, Speed Networking IS for You

We have an email that goes out to all new members of MAREI asking them where MAREI could help the new member.  We just received this response:

1.  Brand new to real estate investing.  Want to associate with other proferssionals doing the same thing.

2. Hopefully direct us to someone with a passion for helping others.  Introductions to potential cash buyers/organizations of cash buyers.

So why are we sharing this response with you?

Many of our members are brand new and are looking for similar things.  At the same time, because they don’t have their niche quite figured out, they skip the speed networking because they feel that they have nothing to offer.  This could not be further from the truth.

This response we received is a perfect pitch for new investors to use at a speed networking.

“Hi I am Ned Newbie.  I am brand new to real estate investing and I am looking to associate with other professionals in the industry.  We are looking for someone to help us get started that has a passion for helping others as well as looking to find potential cash buyers for our wholesale houses.  Here is my card with my contact info and a few notes from me”

This is a perfect way for new members at MAREI to

  1. meet other people in the industry and find out what they do
  2. ask for help in the areas you need help
  3. to build a cash buyers list
At our speed networking we will have
  1. experienced investors who are doing all different kinds of things in real estate
  2. service providers to be a part of your team when you the need for them arises
  3. new investors to associate and learn with
So just because you are new to investing, DO NOT discount yourself.