New MAREI Membership Site

The new membership site is not quite ready for prime time viewing . . . but it’s in the works.

We wanted to make sure you know about it as the updates we are implementing over the next month will affect you a bit.

Here are some ways that it will affect all MAREI members as we implement.

First, we will have a few auto responder emails that will be going out telling you about the new site and how a few things work, so you might get a few extra emails.

Second, every member of MAREI will receive a FREE basic real estate investor website that at a bare minimum you will want to activate and use to post your properties, even if you don’t use the site to do more than add your name and contact info and post your properties, it will then feed your properties automatically into the MAREI website.  So you have complete control over your own property postings

Third, if you were on an automatic renewal on your membership, we just can’t transfer the auto renewals.  So as we add you into the system, we will be calling a few of you to ask for your credit card information again so we can keep the auto renewals going.

We know it’s going to be a lot of work and growing pains, BUT the old system was broken and just not quite working right – some of you experienced a random charge for no reason or received emails you should not have or did not receive emails you should have, so we had to find something that worked better.  And this system give us a bit more function in most areas, plus a free website for you.  So we think it’s worth all the work.

So if we have a few growing pains along the way, I appologize in advance.