New MAREI Member’s Only Site

For MAREI Member's Only


The New site for Member’s Only is located at   and it is going to be where Members can access most of their member benefits . . .

Not all the pages are complete, so some of them might look at little weird.  We don’t want to wait till we are 100% complete or we might not have it done till Christmas and we want the members to have access to the tools, even if the website isn’t quite pretty enough yet.  Today we are starting to load existing members into the system.  Some are in there, but not with quite the right data, so if you see an email that you expire tomorrow and you know you don’t, just ignore it . . . for some reason 1/2 the membership went into the new site as expiring October 10th?  We are working on fixing that, but it will take some time.

We will also be having all of our recurring membership people expire on their next renewal date and the system should prompt you to renew in the new system .  We can’t move credit card information as it is held securely by the credit card processing company and they will not share the info with us, which is only right.

So if you want to start playing with it, your username should be your email address and you can go to and attempt to log in with your email address and use the password reset to get your new password emailed to you.  . . . it might take a minute or two to get the reset so give it a few minutes, it took me about 10 minutes to get mine.  If you don’t get it, we don’t quite have you loaded into the new system.  We will get to you shortly.

Once you get logged in, please take some time to verify your contact information and to update your profession and to set up your free website if you want to post properties for sale.

*  Professional Housing Provider Credits:  we will be going back through the records and recording credits that we tracked for you into the new system,

**  MAREI Forum, the new provider does not have a private forum yet, it is coming.  So we are utilizing a forum from WordPress – the username and passwords can be what ever you want them to be and have nothing to do with your old or new usernames and passwords.

** FREE Website – all members get a free basic real estate investor website.  You can set it up with our with out a URL from GoDaddy.  Then start posting your properties.  If you want your website to do more or to access some of the premium features, you can upgrade.  We are also working to see if we might be able to offer an upgrade to a vendor website for our members who are not investors but rather service providers and want a basic vendor website.


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