Must Watch Kansas City TV: KCPT TV Week in Review: Evicted

There is a show that was taped live in Kansas City that every landlord should watch or anyone that is thinking about having rental property.   It airs this Friday 2-9-18 at 7 pm on KCPT-tv is the showing of the panel discussion on evictions in KC.   There were several landlords in attendance and they were met with a lot of challenges.

On Friday, Feb. 9, join Week in Review for a special Town Hall and panel discussion on evictions, filmed on location at the Plaza Branch of the Kansas City Public Library.

Tara Raghuveer, Eviction Researcher
Terrence Wise, Evicted in KC
Jacob Wagner, UMKC Center for Neighborhoods
Gina Chiala , Heartland Center for Jobs & Freedom
Chuck Schmitz, Former President of Landlords Inc.
Dan Kelly, Landlord Attorney

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Or if you can’t watch it live, it should be posted Online on the TV Channels Website as they post all shows

The producer of this show is looking for Kansas Landlords to speak with to address issues in Kansas

I’m making a half-hour film on eviction for KCPT that will air at the end of May.  I don’t want it to just concentrate on the stories from tenants, but I’d like the audience to understand that landlords are under pressures as well, and that many of them are just trying to find good tenants.
This will be a balanced, fair film.
To that end, I’m working with some landlords in Jackson County, but I’d like to meet with some in Johnson County, as well.
If anyone is interested in speaking with me, they should give me a call and we could look to set up a meeting.  You can find out some more about me at my website:
Kind regards,
Michael Price

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