Money Saving Programs for MAREI Members from the Home Depot



Making it possible to do more every day!

  • 2% REBATE:  All members of MAREI can register for Home Depot Pro-Rewards and register their credit and debit cards to be tracked for the 2% Rebate with a special code.  Then all of their purchases are tracked and a 2% Rebate is issued twice a year.  Be sure to register every account number of checks, credit cards, debit cards and gift cards that will be used at the Home Depot and be sure to code them with our special code or they will not be tracked.
  • 20 % DISCOUNT ON PAINT:  All members of MAREI who are registered for the 2% Rebate above can call into the 1-866 number provided to confirm that their Pro-Rewards account is set up on our national 20% Paint Discount Program and then shop at any Home Depot and receive the 20% discount, plus a 2% Rebate on all purchases made.
  • VOLUME PRICING PROGRAM:  The allows all customers at the Home Depot to build a shopping list and take it to the pro-desk to be priced and ordered.  This requires a minimum retail purchase and can be added on to by the project.  The average savings is between 10 and 20%.
  • BULK BUYS:  You will find this on the shelf tags as you walk through.  Many items offer a discount if you buy in multiples.
  • APPLIANCE PROGRAM:  Through our national discounts we have a package of select appliances with discounts for MAREI Members.  Appliance packages can be found in the MAREI Member Library.
  • PROJECT LOAN CARD:  This is a credit card with Home Depot.  You will find that if you register for Pro-Rewards that they send out emails with bonuses and several times a year this project loan card might have a lower interest rate of zero.  Other times it might be higher.  Either way it is usually always less than what you would be paying in Hard Money.  So if you can swing the purchase with a loan or private lender, you can finance up to 55,000 of materials depending on what your credit will allow you to borrow for up to 6 months.
  • PRO-DESK:  The next time you are at Home Depot, stop by the Pro-Desk to see how they can help you with online orders, delivery, bulk pricing, upcoming sales and more.