MO Legislative: Thanks to those who took action!

Last week we requested that MO property owners contact John Sebree with their issues.  Thank  you to everyone who contacted him.  He now sees that cities generating revenue by ticketing, fining, fees, along with interest, is a priority issue that needs legislation.  There will be a reading on the floor this legislation session, to stop the cities from their continued unconstitutional practices.

Please note that court cases on constitutional issues run about $150,000.  While Legislation requires unity, a lot of contacts, constant reminders, tons of emails, and keeping the membership active in their phone calls to their Legislator.  That’s what we do here at MAREI, keep you informed and keep nagging you to take action.
Judicial rulings are limited, appealed, and offer alter ways for the city to continue after the case is over, generating revenues another way.  The correct Legislation can put an end to it for a very long time.
There is no way John Sebree can do this on his own, and maybe not even all of us united can  either. But if we unite and fight all these issues state wide, legislation has a little better chance of getting signed by the governor into law.
So watch your emails and our social media and when we ask you to take action, please give it your all through  phone calls, email, and office visits through out this legislative session.
Now we need to hit every legislator when the time is right.  We will let you know as we move forward.

Thank you again,  divided we fail.