MO Landlords Unite

Missouri Real Estate InvestorsThe water department is has been and will be continuing to bill landlords for tenants unpaid water bills and as the bills stack up, they will need to be paid before a new person can get water in their name.  As the bills stack up a judgment will be obtained and filed against the property.  It must be paid just like upaid taxes when the property changes hands.

In some cities this is the water department, others it might be gas or electric.  What they all have in common is that they are in Missouri and state law allows city owned municipalities to do this.  The law needs changed across the state, it’s not just one cities fight.

The city is now going to require a business license for every rental and to obtain and keep that license, you the landlord are going to have to hire a private home inspector of a city approved list, inspect the home every two years, despite the tenants right to privacy.  If you are a muliti unit owner, some but not all of your units will need to be inspected every two years, no matter what the tenant wants.  This is happening in one Kansas City Metro area city, and several others are planning to follow.

This can’t quite be done in Kansas.  Why because all of the landlords in Kansas got together, united and worked to get a law banning mandatory interior inspections without the consent of the tenant.  No their law is not perfect, it still needs some tweeks, but its better than no law as we have in Missouri.

In aother city recently, the city decided that they did not want any felons in their town.  And it goes to reason that a felon is going to be a renter and not a home owner.  So they created an ordinance that not only requires the landlord to have a license, but also states that they will loose their license and their right to rent their privately owned property, if they rent to a felon.  No this is not in Kansas City, but it could be very easily.

We can all fight all of these little city ordinances as they come along, that is if we live in the city where our rental property is located.  However what can you do if you live in say Belton and the rental property and the issue is in Independence or St Louis . . not much.  What if you own rental property in Kansas City or St Louis or at the Lake of the Ozarks and you live in California . . again at the local city level, there is not much you can do . . . unless your name is Clay Chastain and you are a light rail advocate . . . but that is a story for a different day.

So MAREI and several members as well as other Kansas City area metro landlords and investors have decided that we need to find a way to fight the individual city issues at the state level.  We are exploring the creation of a State Wide Real Estate Investor Association where everyone can do something.

We are inviting all landlords and real estate professionals who live in MO to join us so you can be informed of the issues and help with calling, writing and all the other grassroots efforts that will be needed.  We are also asking all landlords and real estate professionals who have an interest in how laws affect property owners in the state of Missouri to join us and take part as well.  How can you help without being a registered voter?  Well we will also need membership dues from everyone to help fund some of the bills that a state wide orgaization will have such as office overhead, a telephone and quite possibly a lobbyist to promote our interests.

We are in the set up stages and we need your help.  We need to get every landlord, owner of property or anyone else with an interest in what happens in the state of Missouri to join us.  Right now we are not asking for anything more than your name and a click of the mouse.  We need to know who you are and if you can help us.

We have three ways you can join us. You can pick one or all three.

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