Missouri Short Term Rental Owners Unite

MAREI would like to make sure that all members of MAREI that invest in short-term and vacation rentals in Missouri know about Missouri Vacation Home Alliance.  If you invest in short-term rentals, plan to invest in them, or who rent them from time to time, you need to join Missouri Vacation Home Alliance.

Find them online at www.MOVacationHomeAlliance.com

Message from their founder Jeremie Worley in Branson

Good Evening Vacation Rental Owners and Industry Affiliates,

A recent conversation was shared with me in which Jorgen Schlemeier, head lobbyist for the Hotel Motel Association said that they would be filing their own legislation in the House and Senate in a few weeks and making it their priority for 2018. I believe this is something to be worried about, as Gamble & Schlemeier may have lot more ability to project power on legislation than Expedia’s lobbying team did, and they could attempt to drive this conversation in a direction that would be very averse to our interests.

If you have not Joined the Alliance, now would be a good time to do so! We need our own lobbyist team in 2018 and we need to introduce our own legislation next session.

The MissouriVacation Home Alliance, is a 501c6 Non Profit Advocacy group that is For VR owners by VR owners. We already have a small a Legislative Committee and a MO Legislator who is willing to carry our legislation into next session. We are working on our 2018 plan but we will need more voices and more resources to hire a full time lobbyist.

We need a strong association.

I understand that you are all busy entrepreneurs, but we will get picked off one by one if we do not assemble under one banner.  I used to think this way, until I realized how horrible it would be to let multi-national corporations direct our interests. Let’s stand up and show that we are for our individual property rights.

You my be experiencing a fight already. This is already happening in key areas of our state. In places like Stone and Taney County our tax status is changing from Residential to Commercial in 2018 and your bottom line will be affected if you do nothing. In places like Marilyn Heights in the STL area a fight is waging to stop the complete banning of VR properties.  Municipal Officials all over our state are feeling bold by their ability to enact regulation that will continue to damage and discourage this industry.

Don’t let the Hotel Industry direct the conversation.

Go to our website to see what we stand for and join online


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We Need:

  • Volunteers to contact local officials and legislators and aid in membership drives and research
  • Positive Industry Data
  • Written and Video Testimonials from Owners and Affiliates who have been positively affected by this industry
  • People to act as Chairman of Local Associations like the LOZ Home Rental Alliance, and Table Rock Vacation Rental Owners Alliance

Thanks for taking action!

Jeramie Worley, President of the Missouri Vacation Home Alliance

Jeramie L. Worley, GRI
Broker / Associate

1159 Bee Creek Rd, Branson MO 65616

417 231 6290 Cell

417 231 4384 Fax