Missouri Property Owner Association

Are you an investor in Missouri?

There is a new association for you that MAREI will be joining on behalf of all Members:  Missouri Property Owners Association.

Missouri Property Owner Association is dedicated to uniting and supporting real estate investors, landlords and industry entrepreneurs.  Dedicated to strengthening the business of Missouri housing providers through our local chapters and grassroots legislative efforts.

Founded by MAREI Member Steve Vogel, MAREI Member and WinVestor’s Founder Michelle Winberry, MAREI Member Stephen Summers and MAREI Founder Kim Tucker, the first face to face, live annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 3rd in Columbia Missouri.

The Association is inviting group leaders and concerned citizens from across the state o Missouri to attend.  MAREI is seeking several members to be our Delegate and Alternate at this meeting.  If you are concerned about property owner rights, tenant rights, the fourth amendment, and other issues facing property owners in the state of Missouri, then consider joining us.

This is a formative meeting where committees will be formed to grow the group, plan legislative days and to come up with ways to further their agenda for the 2018 Legislative session.

  • Warrantless Inspections:  Federal Judges across the country have ruled warrantless rental inspections unconstitutional and have found that requiring a rental license contingent on a warrantless rental inspection is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.  Missouri POA is working toward a state law prohibiting warrantless searches.
  • Habitability of Rental Property: Case law has required tenants who assert their rental unit is uninhabitable and continue to live in the unit to pay rent into the court’s depository until the court can settle the litigation.  This has been case law for many years until the Eastern District Court Disregarded case law and allowed a tenant to not pay. We support formalizing past case law.
  • City-Owned Utilities:  This is a bill that has been introduced many times over the years that would prohibit a municipally owned utility from holding the leaser of a property liable for the occupant’s delinquent payments.  Missouri POA supports this legislation.
  • Equal Protection: Residential rules, regulations, and taxes must apply equally across the board to all residential property of the same zoning.  All residential single family should have the same rules, regulations, and taxes.  All Multi Family should be equally regulated.

Meeting Details:  Tuesday, October 3rd, in Columbia Missouri at 2601 Bernadette Place, Columbia, MO  65203.  Check-in and registration is at 9 am, we will start at 9:30 and run until about 2 pm.  This will be a working meeting to finalize our 2018 Legislative Agenda, Brainstorm, and form Committees to further our agenda and to get our legislation passed in 2018.

.If you would like to attend, please RSVP on our the Missouri POA Facebook Group of the Meetup.

Join our Facebook Group here:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/MOPOA/requests/ and RSVP to the event here:  Facebook Event

Join our Meetup Group here:  https://www.meetup.com/MissouriPOA/  and RSVP to the event here:    Meetup Event